Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


dudes, it's been a few months and nacho still talking bout he met his dead uncle in the cave and that he told him dudes he has to make his life good or sometheing. I was like, dude chill, smoke some peace pops for a while but recently nacho been getting all crazy pops . he like, I gotta do something for history dude bro, dude, I'm likke, bro what is that even mean dude, like you would of change something? So like nacho is like dude its all about not following the man and stuff dude and I'm like bro we can make a beggie burrito homes and smoke some tite true and nacho is like dude no we have to do something radical and so i'm like dude, cool kickflip 360 is radical bro and he's all like no dude. we hafta get some shits on or omsething dude. shit dude I need more weed. I been so smoked up tite tru I can see thru my hands bro it's mental dude I see things like people from another place and they come to get some good doob but then they like dude I need better but dude there is nothing better than Phil's kind and phines bro it's the best shit you ever butter up them lungs with bro you gots to smoke it all days every days and don't you never forget bro, you get more smoke up get the ling lungs buttered up like shit dude. so nacho is like dude. and I say dude and he's like dude and shit but like fuck that dude what the fuck. I'm jutsa word out brheims and peep out my peeages and yeah dude. maybe nach wake the fuck up one day dude. amybe ok its like we gots to smoke more tite tru and see the clear in all things dude. and we had some taco bell dude. yum I smoke and get some couch time homeslices. kk, see you laters
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