Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


I don't know about stuff dudes. Like, Obama won over the bush dude but pot isn't still legal every where dude. wtf is with that dude? So nacho went up to the Burl dude for a couple a days and I would of gone up with him but he didn't like bother to tell anyone dude. So I called him and I was like dude y u no holla? And Nacho is all like bro it's chill I just went up to get some doobage. Dude that makes no sense. We're grwowing mad shits here dude. so I'm like homes come back down here, we got stuff on the rack and a few ounces to move next week and nacho is all likem, bro, yeah ok, dude. so he's like things is all good in the burl but he's staying with some peeps who have no heat and shit cuz they dont pay the bills or what. so I'm like dude you gotta come home, moms is a wreck bro she 's like where is nacho and shit and she's started mixing whisky with bread to make what she calls a "drank sandwich. I was like wtf is that shit dude. then nacho is all like, dude I think my uncle is up here man I gotta go see him before I still have time dude and i'm like dude your not thinking it threw bro. so then brett shows up and he's all good with some funky phine so we chill and smoke up bueno y sano bros. nacho got to get his shit together dudes he had no job for months now and I don't know where he getting his stach thesedays but dude its ok I'm hgh and tite and the man is far away and stuff dude wow brett is all laughing about some thing on the youtube and I'm like sude ok. dudes. be free.
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