Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill

New year Reservations

So dudes I made some Reservations this year for the noob yuear dude. I will get up earlier to get in more smokes and win the Cannabiss cup! lol dude s no way that's gonna happen but for reals, I'll be trying to get some new hydroponics and grow lighst to get some mad rippas rgowing. we got a new blend of phine and kind that me and Brett call ROGILLAZ.It's a crazy name dude but it's some crazy shit for your buttery lings bro. we got the name cuz we smoked it and we went to the moon and breett was like, dude there are gorillaz on the moon and I was like, whoa dude. so I tried to text nacho about the goriallaz but I spelled it rogillaz. dude. dudes sometimes the spellig is not so tite tru. smoke up dudes. hope I can post more this year if we keep the internets paid for . snic e dudes, roasty toasty.
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