Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


things have been chill dudes. me and brett been growing the phine, selling at the butters and smokng all day dudes, we're high as the space shuttle dudes. moneys is finally tite tru and bretts got us down with some hippity hop pussy in the buters over at umass bros. I just dont like givn the weed out for some poon, dude Im a businessman rite? but brett sais its like a bar dude sometimes you got to give a free pint. and he's like, dude we get some ass with it, which is always chill to the max bro. But it's not the same man, I remember making those prons in japan and that shit was so good dudes. that chick moca and the other one, mana, damn dude, they suck dick like manaiacs. i don' t get it dudes, m, american chicks don't have those skillz dude. My boy in japan told me the girls in pron there are usually pros and they have togo threw training sucking maybe 50 dicks to get the teknike. but dambnthe y feel lke a\\naturals dude. anyway dud e last week aBBy vame by again and she was like phil i need some smoke and i tld her what we had and sew as like can i get some o crdit phile but dude. and she went down on me dudes, it was some hit shit moms was in the kitchen making sometting that burned and drinking vodka. so i was like lets pack the pipe after and she ws like dude i need a eigth and thats crazy dud,e, a bj is like 12 minuets but i have to grow that shitz yo . i was like ok and said next time is chill but wtf is withh her and nacho dude. it sweird cuz i don't
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