Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


damn duedes, we smoking and toking some hradcore stuffs yo there. dudes. snice....dam brett n me growing some new stuff thats hydro out the ying yang bingbang bruzzahs. still rockin the blue glass gravity globe, but we made a new gravity out of a huge trash can dudes. Ths thing is unreal bros, holy smoke lol that's what he calls it, the holy smoke, cuz we put some holy water in it to make the bing bong smash yo lungs with the power of god dudes. no vampired gonna come near you when you take hits from the holy smoke bing bong bros. damn nacho come home and wants a piece of our action jackson, I donna what to tell the dude. he been away so long, comes home all super thin and lokking like a mess dudes. I'm like dude we making mad money selling the doobage down in butterhenge bro and he like I need back in phil dude wtf. dammmm I just took anotha hit and my head floated away. I get back on later or dudes
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