Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


dudes so nachos been here a few days now and he's just staring out the window, drinking whiskey then getting high at nite. dude tells me last nite that he hitched a ride down to tennessse to see his uncle who lives down there but the dude had died and nacho never knewed it. there was someone else in the house and they didn't know what happened to his aunt but they said she moved away. sonacho went out to the woods and shit dudes and spent two weeks living in some cave. wtf dudes.I think he's broken dude. the realy fucked up part is moms don't know he's here dudes. She dodn't even come down stairs yesterday. she put a fridge in her room, filled it with vodka and baloney and just stays up there drinking and eating baloney sandwiches watching TV. dudes i gotta get high to stop thinking about this stuff.
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