Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


dudesm we finally got Nacho toasting some nuggs. bro was a mess for a few days after getting back but now he's al chill and buttering up the lungs. he's got the sweet cough back dudes. but shit with moms i sweird . last night he was on the couch but the night befroe broheim musta slept upstaris. but they don't talk or be in the same room in the house dudes. it sweird. so he gets all high and shit dude and he's telling me about being in the cave and hsit sude. he says he saw god or some shit in the cave and about how his uncvle was there with babe ruth and jesus. wow dude. he was tripping on some hradcore shit dudes. but he says he took nothing, just angels came to him to tell hmi about his life dude.I asked him like whats he gonna do about the current situation and he was liek, phil you gots to move out and start your won loife cuz ths is my house now and you're just in the way. then he was like, WOOT WHOS YUR DADDY? and I'm like dude. Chill with that shit brazzah. then he tells me thins is all chill with moms and the made up and he not gona chase tennage tail no more but dude I dont knw ity's nacho dude he always after that young stuff. then he ask e if I seen aBBY but i was like nah dude, she's moved away . and he asked me how I knew that. dudd e I made it up but is it true? idk dudes,I don;t like givg away the weed but that occasional head is soem good stuff. dude, shit makes nosense you got to get high and drunk and forgert about all the problems dude snice
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