Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


nacho keeps talking about how he met god in the cave. he says he was cooking some food and there wre shadows in the cave and he saw how god is begind everything. i was like dude, that s cool man like, lets get some schrooms and see that together and he was lie, phil you so dumb you don't get it. but dudes, like whatever. I get what he said he was seening. dude. it's like one time I was so high and drunk and did mushrooms that I could see TV on the wall. hhtat is the power of our mind dude. but nacho keeps saying now that its god dude, that makes no sense. god dont do that sort of shits dude, rite? I think I'm rite tite about thise shit sdudes. damm,,,we had some dank nuggs and shit brozzahs dude. some heavy convosations going down about god and shits here. damm I outta my tree dude. I gotta lie down and think about shit dude cuz bacho got me all phucked up with he talk about god and shadowns and shit dudes. damm... smoke up homes. dude. roasty butter some lung deude.
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