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dude nacho is out of his tree dude. he left again and said he's going to find his uncl.\e I was like, dude, he's been dead for years bro, but Nacho was like hey dude I have to find him bro hey . So I was like dude.

I told moms that nacho is nuts about this shit but she told me to fuck off and let him do his ahit. i don't get it cuz it doesn' make sense dudes. m . and o\moms is on his side bro. hang ondudes I ned some more peace free bro... dam I am high as shit dudes now wow. ...dude. this is crazy shit dude ewtf was I talking about dude? It's so peace and chill now homes. And Nah\cho ran off dude. dude. wtf bru/ nacho . dude. what you ned bru, holla at me there bru! dude. it's ok man. dude. shit too high smoked up and shit fuck I go find him nd shit dude. d..
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