Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill

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dudes the ganja rippin

dudes me and brret got some nuggs tite tru , this is got to be the new Phil's homenuggs dudes. ww wow I am out of my tits dudes, so high .dudesm., hd wow. brett is like whoa. so we put on the wall dude. i see more abot stuff than ever befoe dudes. it is the nugg, it dude is the tight tur. dude. shit and shizzle. snice. dude. we got some mad dope . bu t dank rob comeing around again looking fo r the wet dude that shit is crazy bro no way dud I tells him and like he Phile yougotta get me some dude wtf I 'm pretty high dides lol gotta get some sleep but nacho should of come home dude wtf is that abot brues.
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