Chill Phill (cousin_phil) wrote,
Chill Phill


snice dudes, my boy takashi wants me to go back to Japan in november to do some more pron. He sasys it's scenes with MOKA, mana and kurea. damn they are allso hot dude. they have tans and tits lol except mana, she have no titjob. but she is the best cocksucker to evere live dude. she has a vacuum cleaner in her mouth. But I',m most excited about MOKA, she has the best body of any woman ever to liev. Maybe faje tits but dude, you're banging her doggy who cares dude? anyway, back to japan in november to get more yellow pussy, the best kind. if you never had it dude, you have to know, japanese pussy tastes like the holy grail. I eat out American and Canadia chix all the time due and they taste like piss dude. Japanese pussy taste like home. dude yeah I go there make more pron/ dude.
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