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dudes I don't know about hshits here. It'as a just a routine dude. I get up, do my thing with the plants, help moms get some food when she gets up. And the bBrett comes by and we dry or cut or bag up to move shits down to the butters dude. Then Nacho comes by for 2 days and smokes our stuff and then leaves for a week. we don't know where brothr man goes but dude he's just not rite dude he keeps talking about his uncle and how we have to puyt together a plan for some shit duide. today me and breet was packing uyp buds at 6pm and moms gets yp and starts yelling she needs a drink. I was likde, moms have some foodf man. she came downstairs and burned up some toast and cheese and was smoking rocks in the kitchen dude I was like what? I was like where did you ghet tahat and she was like fduck you, ok? duide.
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