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cousin_phil's Journal

Chill Phill
20 April
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I'm Cousin Phil. I grow dope up in Brattleboro and ride in the sidecar. Me and my peeps do big nugg parties every Saturday. Everything is free during the party dudes - we just ask that you buy some nugg on the way out or help us with gas, grass or ass (ladies only) - ass is always a good option for the babes, but we take purchases as well...
acid, acid rock, acoustic guitars, arriving unannounced, baggies, beads, being barefoot, birkenstocks, black lights, bloodshot eyes, blunts, bongs, bootlegs, bowls, brattleboro, bread and puppet, burlington, butterhenge, caps, che guevara, couch surfing, coughing, crashing, creeper weed, dank, dope, dreadlocks, dust, earth foods, ending war, ez widers, far out, fidel, flashbacks, freak outs, free love, free tibet, freeing leonard peltier, freeing mumia, ginsburg, going cross country, golden annie, good brownies, grass, gravity bongs, growing dope, haight-ashbury, hampshire college, hemp, hemp jewelry, hempfest, herb, high tide, high times, holding in smoke, hoummus, hummus, hydroponics, incense and peppermints, ipswich brown ale, jammin' to the beasties, jerry, jimi, jncos, juicing, kerouac, kesey, lava lamps, legalizing it, leonard peltier, leverett, lucy in the sky, man, mj, moe, mumia, my bus, my cousin, my dog, my plants, no cashes, no property, no schwag, no stems, no war, northern lights, not showering, organic farming, overalls, pads, patches, patchouli, people's market, phish, pipes, ponchos, power to the people, pvc, reading z, resin, respecting people, roach clips, san fran, scooby snacks, screens, shrooms, simon's rock of bard, skunk, sleeping bags, smokes, smoking dope, sprouts, the munchies, the other cheek, the sidecar, the stephen kellogg band, tie dye, tokin', vermont, visine, vw buses, water bongs, weed, wheatgrass, widespread panic, working the land, zig zags